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You can count on our team of certified professionals to do the job right the first time. We have the expertise to complete the job quickly and efficiently no matter what model, size or type you choose. With every project that you enlist the expertise of American Window and Siding, you are always guaranteed a free in-home estimate, a customized solution for your home, superior energy-saving products, and professional installation.


We offer a wide range of windows that are curated specifically for your next home improvement project. Click here to browse our suppliers.

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A new entry door can boost the value and aesthetics of your home, and picking the right one can vastly improve the energy efficiency of your home. Click here to browse our selection of suppliers.

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The first defense your home has against the elements is it's siding. Be prepared for whatever mother nature has in store and upgrade your home's defenses. Click here to browse our suppliers.

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Brace Your Home for Winter

This winter, never underestimate the power of nature to throw something unexpected your way. The best recipe for success is preparedness, so don’t be caught off guard for this season’s predicted wickedly low temperatures. Save money, save time, and possibly save some fingers by thinking a few steps ahead. Article […]

Treat Your Home Like Art

You’re always relieved to inch up to the driveway after a long day at work or returning from vacation. But that feel-good may be gone by the time you notice all the little projects you’ve been putting off: cracked paint, rust streaks under windows, or foggy pains of glass. Your home is a […]

Tips for Window Safety

It’s always important to make sure your home is as safe as it is beautiful for your family. Simonton has a fantastic short article with 10 tips to keep yourself and your little ones safe. Read on below, or click here to view it on the Simonton website. Whether you’re building […]

A New Location to Better Serve You!

Here at American Window & Siding, we are pleased to announce a new expansion into Orlando, Florida!   There is no better indicator of a business’s success than expansion. We are proud that our expanding base of clients has allowed us to provide our superior window, siding, and door installation crew […]

Home Improvements to Combat Mother Nature

As the climate continues to change, and warmer weathers bring unpredictable weather events, builders and renovators must continually advance and research for innovative ways to help homes stand up to whatever Mother Nature can throw their way. In an article by The Washington Post, it was found in a 2014 […]

Window Replacement Guide

Unsure sure of how to go about deciding which windows need replacing in your home, and want to do some of your own research? We’ve clipped a few of our favorite excerpts from various articles on the web to provide them to you in one place. Give us a call […]