You’re always relieved to inch up to the driveway after a long day at work or returning from vacation. But that feel-good may be gone by the time you notice all the little projects you’ve been putting off: cracked paint, rust streaks under windows, or foggy pains of glass. Your home is a far cry from the works of art you envisioned it when you became a homeowner.

Sprucing up the home shouldn’t just be about mending the cracks to make it functional and neat, you should treat your livelihood like art. Taking extra pride in that type of craftsmanship will help to keep you motivated to jump on any new imperfections that crop up.

In an article by Joe Winters on Renewal by Andersen, he outlines some notes to keep in mind the next time you tackle renovations.

For art enthusiasts, did you know that your home speaks volumes about your personal style and tastes, very much like a painting? If you’re thinking of doing some redecorating […], your home becomes a blank canvas: a dabble here, and a brushstroke there, mixing and matching colors, and so on. Home remodeling can be as fun and rewarding as creating a lasting work of art.

Just like different art styles in paintings, there is a vast number of home improvement projects from which to choose. Each of these projects can add a new look or appeal to your home. So if you’re looking to raise your property value and planning to spend a great deal of time and energy, it pays to ensure that your remodeling project will make your home standout and command a better price.

Why the windows?

You might have not noticed, but if your windows are in rough shape, they may be turning your masterpiece into fodder for the critics. If your windows don’t look (or perform!) the way they used to, installing replacement windows […] will make your home shine again.

Even if you can’t jump on all the little things that your home needs touched up at once, starting on something as simple as getting windows repaired or replaced can make a huge difference.

And of course, if you want to make extra time for yourself and enjoy the extra touch of professionalism and class, you’ll call American Window and Siding.


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